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Google Virtual Tour Showcases New SonicBeam and Quadeo Directional Speakers

This autumn, Screen Bar in Singapore implemented the latest BarSound directional speaker technology from Brown Innovations so each table could enjoy a unique listening experience.  In addition to the Quadeo Sound Domes over the tables, Screen Bar also installed SonicBeam Directional speakers to keep sound isolated only to patrons standing at the main bar. In total, eleven Quadeo Sound Domes and two SonicBeam directional speakers were used. The installation is the first of it’s kind, and could prove to be a game-changer with how bars and restaurants utilize audio with multiple screens.

Check out the Google’s Virtual Tour  below to see the install.

Vatican Installs Sound Domes Throughout Museum


In the Charlemagne Wing of St. Peter’s Square in Rome, an exhibition celebrating diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the Republic of Azerbaijan features a music section containing various instruments and interactive displays. To prevent sound bleed from the displays, exhibition designers chose Brown Innovations Localizer sound domes to keep audio contained to their targeted listening areas.  The exhibition was organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Pontifical Council for Culture.


Photo courtesy of Simmetrico SRL


Photo courtesy of Simmetrico SRL


Rock Hall of Fame Museum Unveils Brown Innovations Speakers During Induction

Cleveland, OH –  This week, as the Rock Hall of Fame (RHOF) inducts Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns n’ Roses, and Beastie Boys, the Museum concurrently unveils newly renovated exhibits equipped with state-of-the-art directional audio systems from Brown Innovations. The technology significantly enhances the visitor experience at a landmark where sound and audio quality are paramount.

A primary goal of the facelift was to eliminate sound bleed. RHOF President, Terry Stewart, said, “A great deal of what the renovation is about is reacting to what we’ve learned about the building.” Stewart and museum architects realized directional speakers were required to prevent different music tracks from overlapping and creating a cacophony of noise.

Raymond Kent of Westlake Reed Leskosky (WRL), the architectural firm responsible for the new exhibit designs, said “The previous loudspeakers were pointed out in the space at a rather high SPL and a 90-degree dispersion – effectively throwing sound everywhere. We wanted to provide more focused sound dispersion within each exhibit, while providing greater control over audio bleed into adjacent exhibits.”

Challenged to find a speaker capable of focusing sound while maintaining high quality audio, the museum tested all options.  Research and evaluation found Brown Innovations custom speakers could discreetly send stereophonic sound to explicitly targeted listening zones. Individuals or small groups in these zones enjoy an audio experience with depth and dimension, while just an arm’s length away others hear virtually nothing – or enjoy a completely different audio presentation.

“Before the renovation, audio bleed was a major issue. We addressed it with Brown Innovations focusing array loudspeakers strategically placed to keep patterns tight, give better directionality, and minimize bleed,” said Kent. “The architectural changes and technology helped to shape distinct rooms and experiences with their own individual characteristics,” added Paul Westlake, managing principal at WRL.

The Rock Hall of Fame Induction runs from April 5th through April 14th. All exhibits will be open to tour during the event, including the museum’s newest exhibits, “The Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip” and the 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees exhibit.

Brew Exchange Offers Unique Listening Experience for Tables

Ever wish the bar had audio playing for the sports game you came to watch? At Austin’s newly opened Brew Exchange that’s no issue. Each booth in the bar has been outfitted with a flat screen and Brown Innovations directional speaker mounted above so tables can enjoy their own TV programming with audio.  That means no arguments between basketball fans and hockey fans over which commentary is broadcast when the Mavericks and Stars play at the same time.

“I’ve never seen something like this,” said Brew Exchange partner Nick Adams. “The dome helps isolate the sound. You can reserve one of the booths any time you want, come in, and watch a game with friends.” Brown Innovations, originators of sound dome technology, custom designed hemispherical audio localizers to direct sound to people seated around the tables.

“A sound dome from our standard line would only direct audio down to the salt and pepper shakers on the table,” said Jeremy Brown, President and CEO of Brown Innovations. “For applications like Brew Exchange, we custom design a sound dome based on table dimensions and the seating configuration to direct sound to people around the table.”  Patrons sink into a sweet spot of audio as they sit down in the booth.

“People are going to be blown away,” said Tim Womac, another one of the Brew Exchange’s partners. “There’s nothing like this in town.” The bar also offers supply-and-demand pricing for its rotating selection of 72 draft beers. If things take off, owners say more locations could open.

IndoorDIRECT Turns Up the Volume

When was the last time you enjoyed a high-quality viewing and listening experience in a place other than your own living room? Probably never, but that’s changing. indoorDIRECT has partnered with Brown Innovations to create an intimate, high-quality directional audio experience in thousands of restaurant locations across the country. For the first time, a dining experience combines the comforts of home and the convenience of dining out.

Creating a home-like television experience with audio in a fast-paced environment was no easy task. Initially, restaurants used traditional in-ceiling speakers, but store employees bothered by sound bleed continuously tampered with volume levels. A working,focused audio solution was needed.

After researching all options, indoorDIRECT selected Brown Innovations’ Maestro system. This directional speaker keeps an even coverage of high-quality sound contained to the dining area only, leaving employees undisturbed. Appropriate directional sound levels are maintained by a built-in volume leveling system which auto adjusts as ambient noise fluctuates – meaning patrons hear content and advertising perfectly at the busiest and quietest times.


Additionally, the system includes an interface to communicate with the brains of the Maestro through a USB connection. This feature eliminates the need for costly site visits to troubleshoot and fix problems resulting from sabotage. Now indoorDIRECT easily monitors and manages settings across its entire network from an offsite computer. “Being able to monitor and adjust the sound in any restaurant anywhere in the country, from a remote computer, enables us to ensure diners are hearing our programming and advertising in the way it was meant to be heard”, said indoorDIRECT’s Director of Operations, Dave Caruso.

“This advancement in audio technology will assist us in ensuring that we deliver the highest quality television viewing experience to viewers, a goal we share with all of our restaurant partners and advertisers,” says Michael Winton, President and Co-Founder of indoorDIRECT. “We are in the business of entertaining guests and creating an enjoyable environment for our restaurant partners and their diners. Brown’s audio solutions have enabled us to create a custom audio system that remotely controls the volume of our televisions in the dining room with ambient noise sensors and directional audio.”

Brown Innovations develops and deploys directional speaker and focused audio technologies for digital signage, museum, kiosk, retail, and tradeshow applications. For more information visit