Brown Innovations selected as the directional audio provider to the Saturday Night Live Exhibit

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the most famous sketch comedy show of all time?  Well now you can. “Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition,” allows SNL fans to experience the shows iconic Studio 8H and the preparation that goes into producing the show each week.

The installation includes interactive displays and video screens playing many of the well known comedy skits from the past 40 years. While the frequent jokes and one-liners are funny, having the exhibition space sound like an arcade is no laughing matter. The designers needed a way to make sure the audio from each screen could be playing simultaneously without bleeding into other areas of the museum. Premier Exhibitions were tasked with finding a solution for this audio dilemma.

Brown Innovations’ SB-47 was chosen as the best solution after thorough research and testing of other speakers on the market. Everyone on the exhibition team was impressed with the quality of audio produced by the SB-47. Other speakers that were tested had a very thin and tinny sound and did not isolate audio as well. The Brown Innovations’ SonicBeam is able to combine both focus and fidelity making it the speaker of choice among designers and integrators.

“Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition,” is open to the public beginning on May 30th, 2015. The exhibit is being held at Premier Exhibitions permanent exhibition center located at 417 5th Ave in New York City.

Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition

Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition

Vatican Installs Sound Domes Throughout Museum


In the Charlemagne Wing of St. Peter’s Square in Rome, an exhibition celebrating diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the Republic of Azerbaijan features a music section containing various instruments and interactive displays. To prevent sound bleed from the displays, exhibition designers chose Brown Innovations Localizer sound domes to keep audio contained to their targeted listening areas.  The exhibition was organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Pontifical Council for Culture.


Photo courtesy of Simmetrico SRL


Photo courtesy of Simmetrico SRL

Prada Exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art “Made Possible” by Brown Innovations

New York, NY –  The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newest exhibit “Impossible Conversations” features a series of imagined conversations between Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada, two Italian-born fashion designers who lived in different eras and never actually conversed. For exhibit designers, “impossible” took on another meaning: in a sound reflective gallery, these conversations would be impossible to experience with traditional speakers due to the acoustical challenges of the space. Brown Innovations made these conversations possible by introducing custom designed directional speakers to ensure the exchanges are heard clearly without overlap. Never before has fashion sounded so good.

“You feel like you’re eavesdropping,” said Andrew Bolton, curator of the exhibition who coupled iconic designs by Schiaparelli and Prada with videos in which their make-believe exchanges are heard. Visitors experience a succession of different digital discussions as they walk the exhibit‘s narrow corridor.

Remarkably, none of the conversations interfere with one another. “The exhibit was designed with an incredibly challenging acoustic specification,” said Kevin Brown, head engineer at Brown Innovations. “The space has granite floors, acrylic walls, and sheet rock ceiling. I used every trick I could think of to focus sound where it needed to go.”  A sharp drop-off is heard when visitors exit each listening zone, which creates the feeling of stepping out of one fashion world and into another as they pass through the exhibit.

Ultimately, directional audio creates a surreal effect – underscoring the exhibition’s aim to demonstrate how the fashion designers, though separated by decades, were nevertheless similarly influenced by happenings in the art world. “Given the role Surrealism and other art movements play in the designs of both Schiaparelli and Prada, it seems only fitting that their inventive creations be explored here at the Met,” said the museum’s Director and CEO Thomas P. Campbell.” The exhibition comes to life through the audio clarity and focus provided by Brown Innovations.

The exhibition is made possible by Amazon, with additional support provided by Condé Nast. Brown Innovations develops and deploys directional speaker and focused audio technologies for digital signage, museum, kiosk, retail, and tradeshow applications. For more information visit


Rock Hall of Fame Museum Unveils Brown Innovations Speakers During Induction

Cleveland, OH –  This week, as the Rock Hall of Fame (RHOF) inducts Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns n’ Roses, and Beastie Boys, the Museum concurrently unveils newly renovated exhibits equipped with state-of-the-art directional audio systems from Brown Innovations. The technology significantly enhances the visitor experience at a landmark where sound and audio quality are paramount.

A primary goal of the facelift was to eliminate sound bleed. RHOF President, Terry Stewart, said, “A great deal of what the renovation is about is reacting to what we’ve learned about the building.” Stewart and museum architects realized directional speakers were required to prevent different music tracks from overlapping and creating a cacophony of noise.

Raymond Kent of Westlake Reed Leskosky (WRL), the architectural firm responsible for the new exhibit designs, said “The previous loudspeakers were pointed out in the space at a rather high SPL and a 90-degree dispersion – effectively throwing sound everywhere. We wanted to provide more focused sound dispersion within each exhibit, while providing greater control over audio bleed into adjacent exhibits.”

Challenged to find a speaker capable of focusing sound while maintaining high quality audio, the museum tested all options.  Research and evaluation found Brown Innovations custom speakers could discreetly send stereophonic sound to explicitly targeted listening zones. Individuals or small groups in these zones enjoy an audio experience with depth and dimension, while just an arm’s length away others hear virtually nothing – or enjoy a completely different audio presentation.

“Before the renovation, audio bleed was a major issue. We addressed it with Brown Innovations focusing array loudspeakers strategically placed to keep patterns tight, give better directionality, and minimize bleed,” said Kent. “The architectural changes and technology helped to shape distinct rooms and experiences with their own individual characteristics,” added Paul Westlake, managing principal at WRL.

The Rock Hall of Fame Induction runs from April 5th through April 14th. All exhibits will be open to tour during the event, including the museum’s newest exhibits, “The Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip” and the 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees exhibit.